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Ban on Uganda’s critical State of the Nation play has no legal basis, says co-director

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Poster for State of the Nation play. Afri-Talent.

Poster for State of the Nation play. Afri-Talent.

The co-director of a play banned in Uganda has told RFI he’s concerned about the repercussions of continuing to stage his production. But he believes Uganda’s Media Council is on shaky legal ground. John Ssegawa, co-author of State of the Nation, says the Ugandan authorities are limiting freedom of expression.

Radio France Internationale

Interview: John Ssegawa, Co-Director, State of the Nation

Could you describe the play? What is it about?

The play is all about the history of Uganda from 1962, from independence, up to today. We talk about the political journey and what we thought would be, and what is not today.

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Written by Daniel Finnan

1 November 2012 at 23:50