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Broadcast Journalist and Multimedia Producer based in Paris, France


Photo of Daniel Finnan by Agata Wolanska

Photo: Agata Wolanska

Daniel Finnan is a broadcast journalist working for Radio France Internationale’s English service in Paris.

His work mainly concerns international news and politics, especially Africa  and France. He also covers arts, culture, economics, the environment, music, sports and technology. He has skills in multimedia production with a high level of expertise in audio editing, graphics, video and web technologies. His work has been heard on international radio stations, including American Public Media, Radio Netherlands and Deutsche Welle.

Before working as a journalist he spent time in commercial and community radio in the United Kingdom. He developed The Hillz FM community radio station and helped it to secure a full-time FM license.

Written by Daniel Finnan

24 August 2011 at 10:00

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