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Is France the next big video game contender?

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Xbox Kinect at Paris Games Week, 27 October 2010

The video game industry has become one of the fastest growing sectors in entertainment, worth billions of dollars. France’s government is trying to cultivate its video game industry with tax breaks.

Radio Report: Marketplace Morning Report

(presenter: Steve Chiotakis)

Marketplace Morning Report

Video games, bonobo, lemon curd and lies

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Screens at MuseoGames exhibition

Screens at MuseoGames exhibition

This week’s Sound Kitchen visits the MuseoGames exhibition at the Arts et Metiers museum in Paris to play video games and find out why it’s just been extended until December. Rachel Khoo, a food creative, and author of Pâtes à tartiner shows us how to make lemon curd. Our regular quiz taxes your ears with another mystery sound. And we have dance music from Bonobo, Alltrics and Fenech Soler.

Radio Magazine: The Sound Kitchen

Radio France Internationale

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