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France/Gabon – alleged stolen assets: Who will get Bongo’s cash?

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Apartment buildings in the 16th arrondissement, Paris

Apartment buildings in the 16th arrondissement, Paris (Photo: Vincent de Groot / CC license)

PARIS, FRANCE – While the people of Gabon mourn the death of their President and await his funeral, others are asking themselves what will happen to the criminal case brought against Omar Bongo in relation to alleged stolen assets, and a string of luxurious apartments, bank accounts and cars. Last year Transparency International and the Sherpa association lodged a complaint against Omar Bongo and two other African leaders suspected of profiting from the proceeds of public assets. The complaint led to a criminal investigation into Omar Bongo and his relatives, which established ownership of 39 apartments, 70 bank accounts and nine cars in France. Bongo’s death puts a halt to the criminal case, however. Radio France Internationale

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